Dakar, the toughest race in the world, is an adventurous legacy whose history has been written on the sands of the most fearsome deserts. In 2020, Dakar moved from South America, to race on the deserts of Saudi Arabia. With that, we had to gear up and face several logistical challenges that came along in managing and transporting every living and non-living entity.  

This includes, but not restricted to, 13 camp sites, 25,000m of fencing, 86,000 meals, 800,000sqm groundwork, traveling and transporting the bivouacs over more than 9,800 kilometers in just 15 days. Project management expertise had to be applied in everything we did, as we catered to 557 competitors and thousands of support staff, and were viewed by millions across the world.  

Thus, we were able to present to the Kingdom,
and global fans, an elevated event in quality, thrill, and experience.